WMV's and AVI's not playing after .24 upgrade

Anyone alse??

Most of my HD wmv’s no longer play, codec says WMV3

Some of the avi’s also - DX50

back to .11 unless someone has a fix

EDIT - Nothing a reset didnt fix.  Hope this helps any else.  All is good now

Awesome! Don’t forget to flag your message as solved so people know to look here if they have the same issue.

WD needs to fix this problem and send through an update to the hardware.

I purchased this hardware because the claimes were it would play several types of movies including .avi. It did not say it could play ie. “.avi” only if it was created with a compatible codec.

I am also running into the same issue with many “.mp3” files…very unfortunate indeed.

WD’s answer is to " Re-Encode"??.. not good business in my opinion. This problem has not just been on a few select media…it happens on just about any media played until I re-encode it. Too time consuming and very inconvenient.

The hardware should be up to the task of reading and playing all of the different media types advertised regardless of the codec used when created.

Hope to hear that WD is working on this problem and will have a software update soon to remedy the codec issue.

Thank you for listening.



Hi Kathy / Katey,

Welcome to the forum!

The problem with AVI is that the most common video codecs (DivX, XviD) can be encoded with settings such as QPEL and GMC warppoints.  These simply do not work well on ANY set top box; this isn’t limited to the WD TV by any means.  Full PC hardware is needed to play those files properly.  They were usually encoded back in the day before set top media players became widespread.  If they were encoded more recently, it was done by someone who simply didn’t plan to make them widely playable on anything but a computer.

But the short of it is that you can’t fairly blame this one on WD when it really is the files at fault.

Not sure why you’re having issues with MP3s though.

If you want more help troubleshooting the problem, try pasting up the MediaInfo output for the non-working files.  Perhaps we can suggest a more streamlined way to process your files or another option besides encoding.  :)