Without Internet connection, App can't access MyCloud

Dear Support,

Without Internet connection to MyCloud, can I access it through my mobile?
Hong Kong support told me that the only way to connection MyCloud in local network is PC.
Is it true?



If you are withing your local network, you don’t need internet connection to connect to the drive. Now, if you are outside your network you will need the internet connection at home and on the device that you are using to access the drive.

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Dear ERmorel,

Thanks for your reply.
My mobile and myCloud are connected in the same local network. When I use the App to access myCloud, I can find myCloud and a login page is shown. The list of user names are given correctly, but I can’t pass the login page. Of course, the password I typed is correct. That’s why I contacted Hong Kong support. Eventually, they told me that using App to access myCloud in local network is not working and they can’t provide any solution.:frowning: