Wireless Throughput

Hi All,

I’m wondering what kind of wireless performance you see.

I have a Belkin N1 Vision router, that should support up to 300mbit.

on the wdtvlive, I have a (supported) DLINK DWA125 USB wlan adapter.

I feel my network is performing ok - all devices are connected using wireless (philips WAC audio, Wii, printer, ipods and a couple of windows computers and a mac)

On the WDTVLive, I also have a USB harddrive that is shared on the network. 

My problem is that when I move files to the harddrive from any of the computers, the throughput I get ■■■■ - I get anywhere from 300 o 1200 kilobytes per second, so it takes up to an hour to move a gig file to the device, and I have no clue what the culprit is.

I used to have a different router (asus WL-700g) which was only a G router, but has a built in NAS. Using it, I saw same low performance copying files, but could easily stream 1080P mkvs from it’s hard drive to the WDTVLive.

Youtube etc also reacts pretty fast.

Is this something everybody sees or do I have a major misconfiguration somewhere? Does anyone know of a way to measure where the problem lies