Wireless connection slower than it should be

Hi everyone.

I have a WD TV Live plus 1TB with an Asus N pen connected to my Router that is N too. But i noticed that the speed I copy movies from my desktop to my WD TV is too slow. With a movie around 15Gb it takes about 3 hours :S is it normal?

Do I need to change something in the WD TV or in my router to make it a litle faster?


Hi there, can you please post more details related to the speed you get, the overall network configuration and if you get the same speeds with a wired connection? o.o

If my math is right, you’re saying you get an average of 

about 12 megabits per second.

Yeah, that’s pretty bad.

I agree with PM.  Try a wired connection (just walk your WD and drive over to your network switch and plug it in there… no need to have it connected to a TV) and see if it’s better.