Problem, slow download speeds from WDTV Live over wire


I’m having trouble with this for a while now.

Everything worked fine and I could watch movies on HDD connected to my WD TV Live on my comp, do some file transfers and general file management from my PC.

Then it all changed. My transfer speed never exceeds Kbps/s over 10/100 Lan!

I did all I could on PC side, checked my Winsock, TCP, Ethernet configuration, router reset… you name it I guess I did it.

I have a bit unusual conf:

router _>switch_>PC_>switch_>WDTV->HDD

maybe extra switches are making the difference?

Also, I used to watch shared movies from my comp over LAN and everything was fine. Then After I took one comp from the switch, I got breaks in movies I watched over LAN. Now it works fine, but I don’t know how long it will last.

Is there a tool to check where problem might be on my network?

Thanks for help,


  • have you tried to “map” your HD and check the transfer then ?

  • all Win7 updates ?



all updates are regular.

I think everything started with Windows 7 Sp1 x64… but not sure

HDD is mapped as a network drive

Only way to see transfer speed is by trying to copy and watch misery of my transfer speed evolve… :frowning:


-hmmm…so it works but slow

  • in case just try this : change the places where you plug in your rj45 cables [other ports] - see results , reboot and see results again


no change…still I get 30kb/s download (WDTV to PC)

If I want to upload, everything is ok and speed is tolerable.

What else I can do?