Wireless Network not connecting

We have a WD TV Live HUB.  We’ve gone to network setup, typed in the IP address, subnet mask, Gateway and DNS from our wireless connection.  (Got the information from the lap top that gets it’s connection from our wireless router by going to the network and sharing center > view status > details.

I go to network set up, click manual (automatic won’t pick up the wireless signal), type in all of the numbers mentioned above.  Then I click finish and it says Network Setup Completed. 

Then we go to services and it says “No network connection is detected.  Please setup the network connection of your WD TV to use this feature”.

I’m sure you will need more information about the problems we’re having, so let me know what info you guys need to help.

Thanks!!  :smiley:

So you’re not seeing the WIRELESS setup menus where you enter or select the SSID and security type?

If not, then it sounds like the Hub doesn’t support the WiFi adapter you’re using.

What adapter (make / model / revision) are you using?

We aren’t using an adapter.  We were told by the salesperson AND the geek squad at Best Buy that the unit had wireless capabilities and could pick up the wireless connection.

The salesperson AND the geek squad forgot or didn’t know that you need to buy a wireless adapter. Yes it is capable with an adapter. 

what’s the best adapter to get for best performance?