Wireless adapter support is pathetic

Browsing through the list of supported wireless adapters, I’ve found that adapters which state specific revision or version numbers are all old models and no longer purchaseable. Of the ones that say “Not Listed*” it is unreliable to use as a guide since as WD says, revisions can happen without notice. 

Therefore there is no reliable way to either obtain one we know works, or be sure that an item listed as supported (with version Not Listed*) is in fact supported.

My suggestions:

  1. Make a WD TV Live unit that has a built in wireless adapter. It’s a streaming networked media player. Wouldn’t you expect wireless to be a standard feature?

  2. Offer a WD branded wireless adapter (can be rebadged) that is guaranteed to work.

  3. Give us a more exhaustive table with every version number and whether it works or does not work. I don’t expect you to do this for ones where version number is Not Listed on the box, but for plenty of them that do update the version number on the box, these need to be tested, and if they don’t work it should say so clearly so that others don’t buy one.

It will require WD to obtain a lot more adapters for testing, but these guys make a lot of money from a wide range of products sold. They’re not paid for nothing.

  1. Set up a community contributed database of adapters where users can submit their own tests with adapters they’ve already tried, along with FW and version. There should also be a reliability rating for submissions so that when there are discrepancies, we can see how many reported that it works and how many reported that it doesn’t work.

  2. Failing all that, tell us which adapter available on the market right now is guaranteed to work. The ones on the list with version numbers are too old and not purchaseable anymore. The ones “not listed” are subject to change.

Given how difficult it is to obtain a supported adapter or be sure that one that meets the list actually works, WD have to provide a solution. It’s less fair to expect users to do their own trial and error by making uncertain purchases than for WD to test more units. They’re the ones with the resources.

  1.  Already done.  It’s called the WDTV Live Streaming Media Player.

  2.  Already done.  They’re not branded “WD”, but there are two sold through the WD store, and are guaranteed to work.

  3.  Already done.  If they are not on the list, then they are NOT guaranteed to work.  

  4.  Already done.

  5. That’s just wrong.   I went to Fry’s with this list two weeks ago and stopped looking after I found three that were on the list.

Really, you should read a few web pages before you rant about your demands.

  1. Perhaps I should have added more detail. I got a Live Hub with the 1TB HDD. It does not come in any wi-fi ready models. The Streaming Media Player does, but does not have a build in HDD. I’d like WD to offer a version with both… If I was using or would settle for a Live SMP, I wouldn’t even be posting this in the first place. Obviously it’s the users with Live Hub (the only other model being offered at the moment) that have a problem with wifi. Unless you’re saying screw the internal HDD and just buy a SMP.

  2. Which ones? I’m on their web site, I don’t see them anywhere.

Home entertainment products: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/catalog/default.aspx?segment=3

Network products: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/catalog/default.aspx?segment=4

Media players: http://www.wdc.com/en/products/homeentertainment/mediaplayers/

I don’t see any wireless adapters on those pages. I’m not looking for a powerline solution, I want wifi. Could you give the model and a url please? It’s not that I haven’t made any attempt to find it myself, but I’m coming up empty, and if you could help me I’d appreciate it.

I even looked at the WD store, and I don’t see any non-WD branded wireless adapters, or wireless adapters of any sort.

  1. Uhh yeah, and that’s a problem, because most are NOT on the list. If I take your word at face value that they actually did test every adapter that had a revision number on it and they are all certified not working, it still doesn’t change the fact that the ones that are compatible but say “Not listed” are not guaranteed to work. As the page itself says, manufacturers change chipsets all the time without saying so on the packaging or anywhere.

"If they are not on the list, then they are NOT guaranteed to work. "

I’m not looking for what’s NOT guaranteed to work. I’m looking for what IS guaranteed to work, and there simply isn’t any. There are two types of adapters on the list: Ones which have a version number and ones which don’t. The ones which have a version number are old and you can’t buy them anymore (unless you know of one and can provide specifics – don’t forget also that not everyone goes to the same Frys as you, or even lives in a place that has Frys). Either the later revisions have not been tested, or they have been tested and are not supported. Both of which are disappointing news to hear. The ones where the version number is  “Not listed” are for obvious reasons unreliable to use as a guide. The manufacterer may have changed it since it was last tested by WD. Unless WD tested every new version afterwards and coincidentally they all work and are supported.

  1. Errr, no. All I see is a table with a list of supported hardware (most of which is old revisions). I don’t see anywhere that I can submit my own (other than writing an email to WD or calling them), nor do I see a place where I can see other users give a rating on whether the information is reliable or not. And if this info is user submitted rather than tested by WD, I’m even more disappointed.

  2. You went to Frys and found three adapters on the list? What models were they? And how do you know they actually work? Were the ones you found the ones which had a version/revision number, or were they the ones that said “Not listed*”? If they were “Not listed” how do you know the information is still accurate? The brands that don’t list a version number on the box can still change chipsets inside without adding a version number you know.

Thanks anyway.