No wireless adaptors

I am having the greatest difficulty finding a wireless adaptor that works with the WD TV Live.  Firstly I can’t find most of the adaptors on the list, then when I do I discover the version number has moved on.  Surely WD can’t expect us to source a 2 year old wireless adaptor.

Are there any plans to add a current adaptor or two to the list?  My preference would be one that costs less than 50% of the price of the unit.

New adapters are added with almost every upgrade of firmware.

If you’re running firmware that’s a year old, you’re going to have to find an adapter that’s that old.

When I shopped for mine, I had no problem finding 3 or 4 that were on the list.

Also, check the WDTV FAQ section 3A at the top of the General forum for suggestions.   You could also use a Powerline adapter.  Lots of those are being used these days.