Wired & Wireless Network Sharing - WD Live - Please help

Hello. I just purchased the WD TV Live Media Player  and I want to hook it up to my home network but it does not want to work. Here is how the set up is done.

I have a ISP modem that is also a router (4 ethernet slots in the back) . My main PC from which I want to share files is connected wirelessly to the network and it is running Windows Vista Home. The other PC & the WD Live are connected with  Ethernet cables.
I unabled file sharing / media sharing from my Vista PC and then went to my folder that I wanted to share, and I shared it on the network. When I go to " My Network" on my Vista PC, I can see the WD LIVE, my wireless printer, My Vista PC and my SpeedStream modem.
But when I go to the WD Live, go to Movies > Share Drives it does not give me anything.

The network works fine, as WD Live connects to the NET.

One more thing. When I go to my Searches > Files that I share  I don’t see anything… Maybe a problem ??

Thank youuuu

Hmmm…  A couple of things to check:   Make sure the WORKGROUP name is the same on all the systems involved.   Can the two PCs see each other’s files?

I’m not terribly helpful on Vista; I avoided it like the plague. :wink: