Wd tv

Hi. I have a system set up that was working but has stoped since I did some up dates on my computer. I am running Windows Vista. My WD TV box is connected via a wireless network. My computer is on the same network and also connected dirrectly to the cable modem via a cable. My TV box is connected to the internet and I can use all of the internet services on the WD TV box. I can not however view the music, videos etc that are stored on my computer. This has always worked just by using Media servers. I have never been able to get network shares to work. I dont have anything pluged into the WD box except the wireless adaptor. Does any one have any ideas.

I had this problem a while ago when i set up my network the first time. I dont remember gow i fixed it it just started working. I am guessing it is something I need to change on my Computer.


Don’t leave us all in suspense.