Networking Issues

Just thought I would post this to (possibly) help others…

I used my WD TV Live Plus off and on for watching various media. This weekend I tried using it to watch some anime I had downloaded and it wasn’t seeing any network shares. It could see the computers (all windows 7 x64 machines), but it couldn’t see any network shares.

Needless to say, I spent 2 days pulling my hair out trying to figure out what was wrong. I tried uninstalling Windows Live Assistant, and all kinds of various Windows Networking/Sharing tweaks.

Guess what it was?

My laptop, which I normally connect through a wire when it’s next to my desktop, had both the wired ethernet connected AND the wireless. As soon as I disabled the wireless, or removed the wired connection, I could suddenly see all networked computers/shares. Interesting reason on why I wouldn’t work, but that actually fixed my problem. I just wanted to post it out there so others who maybe having the same problem might find another thing to check.