Windows Shares Username/Password Issue

Hi, I’m afraid this is yet another Windows Shares issue trying to connect my WD TV Live to my computer to watch videos and view photos etc. WD TV Live can detect my PC but then it asks me to to log in to the computer but my PC doesn’t have any username or password set up on it. The default setting on WD TV is Username: Anonymous and Password: ***************. I can change the username and even delete it entirely but I can’t change or delete the password and so every time I try to connect to my PC I can’t because there is always a password enetered.

Please can someone tell me how to fix this?

Have you tried using the default user / password that is shown. Don’t change anything in the fields. If you have messed around and saved your attempt you will have to go to setup / network settings / clear login for network share.

Yes, I used the default details first and they didn’t work. I then thought that was because I don’t have any username or password login details on my computer anyway so I then tried to delete the username and password but I can only delete the username, I can’t change the password at all. It always just has lots of stars in the box.

Forget the password box it always shows the stars and the number shown has no relationship to the length of any password. If you have no user / password (like me) then selecting the tick on the default should work. Try the clear login above and have another go.

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Well I decided to reset the WD TV box and delete all the settings and start afresh. After a rather long time searching, it found my computer name and took me to the login screen. I didn’t change any of the details and just used the default anonymous username and clicked the tick. And it actually worked and connected to my PC and I am able to view to folders I have given permission for on my PC.

Although I have had to do one extra step with the folders on my PC, I do the usual routine of right-clicking a folder and selecting properties, then the sharing tab and finally advanced sharing before adding permissions for everyone but I also have to click the share button under the Network File & Folder Sharing section and then adding everyone from the dropdown list in the subsequent window. If I don’t do this then I can’t see the folder on my WD TV Live box.

I am streaming over wi-fi at the moment as I have ordered an ethernet cable but it’s not arrived yet. Luckily my router is in the same room as my PC and TV and I have a 30 meg cable broadband connection so it streams really smoothly. I have to say that it’s been a real pain setting up the WD TV and it seems really buggy (either the software or the hardware?).

Even before I got connected to the internet the box had just turned itself off a few times and not allowed me to continue (no this wasn’t a standard restart, the power just went off completely) and general navigation can be slow and as I’ve mentioned, the Windows Share feature is a right pain to use.

Overall I’m pleased with the result but I’m not confident that it will keep my settings and connect to my PC every time and I envisage having to reset everything again at some point in the future.