WD Live File Sharing Problems

Ive tired several tutorials to set up win 7 to share with wd live. If anybody knows of any good ones. please let me know.

When i get to the login screen in wd live i cant connect. what do they want for user name and password. do they want my windows account name and my password at the windows start up screen?

Do they want my pc name and my start up password ? do they want router name and password ? Do they want something else?.

When setting up sharing in windows it gave me an option of not to password protect my sharing, i choose this, but when i got rid of the password in wd live login in the password showed up again immediacy. If anyone can tell me what info i need it would be greatly depreciated and if they knew a tutorial for windows 7. For Nas drives if i can get it to work will it show my external drive or only my internal drive.

on a side note
I cant use a media server. I used tversity and ps3 media streamer to watch movie for 18 months on my ps3 with no problem. The last 2 months it stoped working. so i purchased the wd live. It stop working. so i changed my router from a Dlink DIR 615 to a Linksys WRT160N (an approved router on the wd live home page) and still nothing! . It seems like its might not be in the cards for me to media stream or file share movies again. IF you can help me please do.

Thank you

Welcome to the forms.

Here’s the definitive word on how to do all of this:


First, look at the FAQ Mike referenced.

Second:   If you have your shared folders shared to “EVERYONE,” then the User ID you provide is “Anonymous.”  The password should be left BLANK.

If you have PASSWORD PROTECTED SHARING enabled on your Win7 box, then you provide the User ID and password you use to log on to your Windows box.

If you PREVIOUSLY supplied a password to the WDTV that it is now remembering, you can go to OPTIONS / NETWORK SETTINGS / and select “Clear Login Info for Network Shares” and it will set it back to the default of ANONYMOUS and blank password.

Thanks Tony, i cleared out the login in info in the wd live, put in my windows login and password and now i can play all the files. i will keep my fingers crossed it keeps working.