Invalid username/ password when trying to access network share

Recently  I got a wi- fi connection, configured the network and share according to the wd manual. When I try to access my shared folder (through the WD device), I have to enter acc and pass, but I haven’t got any (my windows acc hasn’t got a password).

I’ve read other topics, suggesting to uninstall Windows Essentials, ID Assistant , but I haven’t installed any of them, I also don’t have any service with that name running. 

Any suggestions on what to do ?

If there is no passwords, just leave the settings at anonymous as per the WD screen and select the box at the lower left and ok ?

Even as anonymous it says “invalid name/ pass”

Try going to setup page and clearing the logon for network shares.

Now connect via network shares and make sure you don’t change anything in the user / password boxes.

This isn’t working too

Have you set it up like this

Password protection was turned on, as in the wd manual. I turned it off and now it works,thanks But aren’t my files now vulnerable ?

Well I share my stuff round my house, depends what enviroment you are in.

Not something I am concerned with, but up to you.

Surely they can be no more vulnerable then they were before as you said that you had no password.