Windows no longer recognizing my WD800u017


I’m having the same problem other users have reported. I recently backed up a computer I bought in 2006 onto my WD external hard drive. I then wiped the computer and took it to BestBuy for recycling. I’m trying to open my backup on a newer computer that uses Windows 10 and the WD800u017 is not being recognized. Responses in other threads have said that this external hard drive is not compatible with Windows 10, but I’m hoping that an update has been created since the last time this problem was mentioned 3 years ago. OR that you offer some advice other than “use an older compute” as that is clearly not an option. PLEASE help, I have 13 years of my life on this drive.

Thank you,

Hi nlundst,

I would suggest you to refer the link provided below to troubleshoot the issue, if the drive is not detected by the computer upon connecting.