Windows 2010 upgrage, problems with Western Digital My Passport Essential 320GB USB Portable External Hard Drive

Since upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 laptop works fine (and quicker) but not recognising my external hard drive. I can locate it when looking in Device Manager, tells me latest driver is installed and no problems with it, have tried uninstalling, switching on and off again and same issue on re-booting. Using File Explorer (from the Start Menu) I can find my C drive, DVD-RW drive, and there is a blank page icon with no writing beneath it, which I assume is the Western Digital Drive. I have looked online and sounds like similar problems with WD drives when upgrading to 2010. Anyone know a solution, I am not a computer expert but can follow simple instructions… Thanks!


This sounds a bit strange since this unit is a plug and play drive.

Are you able to test the drive on a different computer?

Thanks, much appreciated

I tried using it on another family laptop, this one running Windows 7 and exactly the same issue.

I’ll try on a few more and see if it is a drive related issue rather than software of various PCs