Hard Drive is not detected in windows 10

Hello Everyone,

I am having two PC’s one having Windows 10 and another having Windows 7, My hard drive is not detected in Windows 10 but it is detected in Windows 7. I don’t know what is the problem. Please, help me to solve this problem.

Hi Saran_Greenz,

Please refer to the link mentioned below.


As per my experience this is happening due to the compatibility issue. It seems that the drive is not compatible with Windows 10. So, when you connect your drive into Windows 10, just go to device manager and uninstall and then install the driver software of the drive.

Hi Lizzy, Thank you for your reply, I tried this method on starting itself, but It does not solved my problem, because when I open the device manager it does not shows the presence of my connected hard disk, I also tried of using “scan for hardware changes” option, plugging the hard disk in different ports and I tried in disk managent also, but there is no use it does not shown in anywhere.

Hi Logan007, Thank you for your response, Sorry for the late reply, Now only I noticed the email, I tried everything given in the solution like using wd digital data life guard, turning off the power management setting in USB Root Hub, and finally I used the diskpart , but there is no improvement, The only thing remaining is updating the motherboard driver, after I finish the update I will intimate the outcome to you.