Windows 10 SLOW upload

Hello here is my problem I cannot find a specific answer to. I am also unsure if WD staff look here.

Windows 10 PC wired to router wired to MBL 1TB. regardless if a 3MB JPG or 3GB .MKV i get 8MB/s down.
However here is my upload scenario…upload begins (drag drop) 177kb…pause 3 secs, 355kb, pause 4 secs, 177kb… until file completes…

Laptop Windows 10 wireless to router then wired to MBL is same thing.

of Note both same PC and Laptop was Windows 8 before and both were blistering fast up and down.

Clearly windows 10 is issue? I have updated NIC drivers and tweaked with driver properties no joy!

MBL Firmware latest also.

Any assistance welcome. TIA

Hi, there is an ongoing thread in the My Cloud forum, about some Windows 10 network issues and solutions that users have posted, you might want to take a look at it and see if there’s any ideas that you can use in your environment.

Thank you I have checked all of those and my system is indeed in the states recommended.