MyBook Live very slow in WIN 10 (in was fast in WIN 7)

I bought a new PC with Windows 10. Then I installed my existing WD Book Live Duo. Now it appears that the file transfer speed does not exceed 10 mb / s with a wired network. With Windows 7, everything was ok. The firmware is up to date. The diagnostic test is stuck at 90%. Anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks, Richard.

Since this is a new computer, then hardware differences should be taken into account. Does the new computer have a Gigabit Ethernet port?

Yep, that should be no problem:
Netwerkspeed (wired) 10, 100, 1000 Mbit/s
Netwerkstandard Gigabit Ethernet

Hi, I came across the same issue while upgrading the family Windows 7 machines to Windows 10.
WD MBL becomes terribly slow and indeed Diagnostic test is stuck at 90%.

Any suggestion from our WD friends?

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I have the same problem, WD MBL very slow, diagnostics stops at 90% and for large files I get a network transfer error 0x80070035 ( 5.2Gb fails, 1.2Gb succeeds after 1/2 hour) - I have introduced a support issue …