HELP! Very Slow read/write speed over network, 3TB MBL

I’ve gone through most complaints on the forum about slow connections to MBL over Gigabit networks and can’t seem to solve my problem.  My computer is an HP with 32bit Win 7 and I have a Cisco/Linksys E3000 router; my MBL is 3TB.

The network seems to be working fine for my other devices.  It is generally running at 100 Mb/s, unless I disconnect the slower 100 Mb devices, in which case I can run the full 1000 Mb/s in duplex mode.

I know the unit is operational b/c after much frustration, in Gigabit mode, I connected my MBL directly to my computer and got roughly 450 Mb/s read/690 Mb/s write times.  As far as I know, those speeds are excellent.

However, when I connect through my E3000 router my speed drops to levels not seen since the dial up era.  I did a file transfer and it was consistently in the 3 kb/s range…with occasional “bursts” to 30kb/s, which is still incredibly slow.

I tried to disable the firewall and anti-virus (though I’m not sure it was ever disabled).  I’ve tried different ports.  I’ve tried resetting the unit, computer, etc…  I tried to follow some directions to get into Network Settings and disable the Jumbo Frame (I had no such option to disable).

I don’t want a 3TB paperweight, but so far it’s been about that useful.  Basically, HELP.

There is a bottle neck somewhere there

do you try checking other threads about this problem?

This one might help

Thanks, as I said I’ve checked the forum to no avail.  The attached thread is not applicable, as it’s primarily dealing with Mac issues and I have a PC with Win 7.

I’d like to attempt the “jumbo frame disabled” fix but it’s not an option when I get into my network settings.

I believe TonyPh12345 posted this info before. Please see if this is your issue (this is applicable for both the Duo and MBL)

 PC < > WD My Book Live Duo, never above 9MB/sec which may be ok for 100Mbps networks.

Make sure your PC hasn’t mistakenly connected to the Duo via a WebDAV connection.

You can verify this by opening a “cmd” window on the PC and issue the command

“net use”

If you see the share marked as “Web Client Network,” then it’s a WebDAV mount which is notoriously slow.

Thanks for the help, but this does not appear to be the issue either; the command prompt shows “Microsoft Windows Network.”