Extremely slow internet transfer speeds. MBL 3TB / Netgear WNR1000v3 / gigabit ISP / Win 7

I realize the slow topic has been worn out, but most suggestions are for Mac users.

OS:  Windows 7 Home

I have the following setup (That might be taking a trip back to B**t B*y)

MBL 3TB (Latest firmware as of 10/5/2013)

*static IP

*ports 9080 ext / 80 internal & 9443 ext /443 internal

Netgear WNR1000v3

*Forwarding to MBL with ports correctly configured

*WIRED access from computer to router & router to MBL

Inside the LAN I’m getting 1.7 to 3MBs speeds (not great, but ok for not having a gig router)
From outside (via WD2go and mapped to explorer) I’m getting 40meg upload on single large files

When uploading a folder (say with thousands of pictures) I’m getting 17kbs.  The sun will burn out before these things transfer!

I confirmed my ISP is not blocking or throttling, tested with firewall off.  Replaced all cables with “store bought” instead of home made.  Turned off AV software, still no increase in speed.  A 3 meg JPG should not take 39 minutes.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, what good is NAS if you can’t map it without using a web interface?  Acronis, Windows 7 backup and others don’t support NAS drives, especially across the internet.  Can’t find a way to connect without using WD2go.

Is it just not designed to work from “office to home”?

I sincerely appreciate any advice.

Hi, note that your local transfer rate will be determined by your network topology and for remote access your internet speed. Windows 7 professional and Ultimate allow you to backup to a NAS. Check the link below for some suggestions you can try to improve your transfer speed. 


WD 2go uses WebDAV as its prinicipal technology.

WebDAV is simply not very efficient when uploading lots of tiny files.

But also, do NOT pay attention to what Windows says your transfer speed is; it’s wrong when using WebDAV.

BTW, if you really have gigabit ISP, you make me cry if you don’t have a faster router.  :)  

I appreciate the feedback.  Using the old clock and calculator I verified that transfers were very slow- faster than 17kbs, but only around 66 kbs.

Took it back and traded for a 3TB USB drive.  Looks like I’ll be carting a drive around with me until technology exists that will allow reasonable speeds for network drives over the internet for “lots of small files”.  Apparently I’m the only person on Earth who wants to back up my files to an off-site location and not trust a 3rd party to host the space for my data while some little intern has the ability to browse everyone’s files while waiting on the next caller.

As for the Gigabit, here in Chattanooga, TN the Electric Power Board is giving Comcast a run for its money.  Comcast is $79.99 for their top tier at 105Mbs and EPB is $69.99 for GIGABIT internet, so you’re pretty much an ■■■■■ if you don’t sign up with EPB for $10 less and 10X the speed.

I have the power setup at work with GB routers, etc., but when I’m at home the only thing I do is stream netflix and check email-  Last thing I want to do is sit down at another computer when not at work :-)  Just don’t care about speed at home. 

The same here. 

MBL 3TB, Linksys EA6700 Gigabit. ISP provide me 60 MB/s.

Outside connection is extremely slow.

The last firmware.

Everything runs on pure gigabit.

I have no some port forwarding in the router. 

Is it some special port forward to tune?




Nice thread! I got the same issue trying to copy large files (more than 1 GB) from 2TB MBL to my laptop.

Router or WiFi are not the issues since I use direct connection through UTP cable from MBL directly to 1 Gbit port of laptop (using static IP addresses). The transfer speed is about 1 MB/s (about 1% of line speed). The local firewall on laptop is off.

What could be the reason for that?

Thank you in advance!

Sergio54 wrote:



Nice thread! I got the same issue trying to copy large files (more than 1 GB) from 2TB MBL to my laptop.

No you do not have the same issue.   The people on this thread are talking about slow WD 2go transfer speeds.  You’re not using WD 2go at all.

Oops, sorry. Will continue looking for the solution. Thanks!