Win10 will not boot with WD 6TB My Book connected

I have just purchased a WD 6TB My Book and have been using it for a week now. I powered down my PC yesterday for the first time over that week as far as I can remember and when I powered it back on Win10 would not boot but gives me an error message relating to external USB device being removed during boot sequence.

I have been through my BIOS but nothing seems to make any difference and the message is from Win10 not my BIOS.

I am using a USB keyboard and mouse so cant turn of legacy USB support.

The My book is connected via a USB3 port. Once Win10 boots and I re-connect the WD My book it works just fine. All the health check pass OK.

Any ideas before it goes back to Amazon.

I was going to suggest disabling legacy USB support, but it seems this is not possible in your particular case due to your keyboard and mouse.

I run two PCs via a KVM as I have legacy software on an old XP PC I can’t move over to the my newer Win10 PC and that forces me to use USB keyboard and mouse.

I do have an old PS2 keyboard and mouse so I might try it to see if it makes a difference if I can find that option in my BIOS as I did not see it previously…

Something I have noticed in my BIOS is when the WD 6TB My Book is connected I get two USB devices shown, see attached.

I returned the drive and have received a replacement which is doing exactly the same.

Any suggestion’s.

I am back again. I fixed the problem but I can’t remember what I did but a recent Win update has undone my fix so yet again I can’t boot my PC if my WD drive is attached.

Just a shot in the dark, change your boot order to reflect your C:drive and CD-Rom only.