Win 10 PC will not boot with 10TB MyBook attached

My Windows 10 PC will not boot if my 10 TB WD MyBook is attached (Model Number WDBBGB0100HBK-NESN, Part Number WDBBGB0100HBK-NA). If I disconnect the drive from the USB 3.0 port, the PC will boot. I can then reconnect the drive and access it through Windows Explorer. Is there a setting that needs to be changed on the drive or in Windows to allow the PC to bot with the drive attached? As I have been working remotely it is not convenient to drive to the office to manually reboot the PC.

Thank you!

Have you tried disabling the option in the bios to boot from usb device? It might be searching the drive first looking for boot instructions. Boot from USB might have a higher priority than booting from your internal drive.

While checking the USB port was lower on the list of boot options in BIOS, removing the USB option did solve the problem.

Thank you for your reply and advise!

Set first boot device to the hard drive in the bios.