Will Smartware work with 2 Passport Drives?

Is this possible?

I would like to have 2 passport drives backing up the same computer; Passport #1 actively working with Smartware and Passport #2 inactive stored offsite. I would then like to alternate between the two drives for backing up the one computer using the Smartware program.

In other words, on a weekly or monthly basis I would simply connect one Passport drive to the computer running Smartware and get the other Passport drive off site for safe keeping. I would routinely rotate the 2 drives to always have one drive off site and one drive actively backing up using the Smartware program.

Would that work? If not, please advise how I could do it.



The backup will work with both drives.

The software will not work with them simultaneously but one at a time will do.

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Thank you! That’s the answer I was looking for. :slight_smile:

Suggestion…  WD should offer their Passort Drives in a FIRE & THEFT PROTECTION PACKAGE.

One package that includes 2 Passport Drives and the Smartware software with specific

instructions explaining how to use the 2 drives for data backups always keeping one drive

offsite to protect against fire and theft.


This sounds like an Idea that can be added to the Ideas Board.