WD Smartware - anything special with backed up files?

WD Smartware - anything special with backed up files?  I’ve backed up two home computers onto my single WD Passport drive.  What I would like to do is copy the Passport HD and have that HD off site.  There are several programs that can just copy files, even something like XCOPY.  My question, will that work?  Can I do a simple file copy perioodically from the WD Passport drive where backups are done to, to  second WD HD?  Then should the WD Passport drive fail, I could use the 2nd Passport drive, the one stored off site, to restore files from?  This would mean the WD Smartware software would not really know if it was connected to the backup passport or the passport stored off site.  I assume each drive has a different serial number in the firmwear but don’t know if Smartware would have an issue with that.




If you copy the backup folder to another passport then WD Smartware will not recognize the backup on the 2nd drive.

I recommend that you do a new backup on the 2nd drive.

Thanks for the feedback.