Will Mycloud support OSX Photos later?

Hi Everyone, who can help me??

I have tried a lot of time, I would like to put my Photos Library in My cloud,

but it seems that OSX Photos did not support to set Library in NAS stroage,

When open OSX Photos, it always said it was error, need to fix…

I have tried put the library in the other MAC drive on the network, It seem okay…

But i really want to put the Library on the NAS, not OTHER MAC.

I just wonder can I partition half space to MAC extented Format??

I think Mac Format maybe solve the problem…maybe…

or WD will support OSX Photos later???

Thank you.


Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Normally Apple suggests iPhoto libraries to be stored on a Mac os formatted drive, If you check this link you will see that in order to prevent data loss or performance issues the drive must be mounted locally and in Mac OS Extended file system.

You can Make a suggestion on our ideas boards, however I wouldn’t know if this is a change that has to be done from apple’s side as well. Here is a link to the Ideas board where you can submit your suggestion:


Hope this help you out.