Apple Photos Library Support NEEDED

I understand that the file system on my WD My Cloud Ext HD does not support an Apple OSx Photo Library File. I purchased the MyCloud Home device for this very reason as the salesperson told me it would work. I wanted to scan a couple of thousand photos and save them to a separate library file so I can give the link to family members. The family members could then edit, tag, name, etc. the photos. You can open a second Library file with Photos by holding the “Option” key down as you open the program.

I can create a folder on MyCloudHome and can drag & drop a second Photos Library file to it, however I cannot open the file in Photos as described above.

PLEASE do an update to allow us to use the device in this way! In the meantime, any suggestions?

I have the same problem and I thin it is a pity that MY Cloud Home is not working with the Photo library and