Mac OS Photos App Library on WD My Cloud

I have a MacBook Air and use the Photos App to store photos. Is there any way to use the WD MyCloud to store the Photos App Library?

Yes, see the following links for more information:

I believe it cannot be done with any NAS, since OSx libraries require a formatted Mac OS extended (journaled) partition/drive. Which cannot be done on a NAS.

It will support external drives (usb/thunderbolt).

If you do find a way, let us know. And if I am wrong, please let me know as well!

Any updates to this ? I recently purchased WD MyCloud 3TB. I can see the EHD in finder. Copied my photos library onto my cloud. Referenced the new library in photos app. When i start the app it keeps on repairing the library and I cannot get past it. Any solution ?

I have the same problem. Cannot open Photos library, when I start the app it keeps on repairing the library and stays on 0%

OK I have recently encountered the same issue on a DL2100. Initially set up and all seemed to work fine, was able to access library from Photos as well as iOS devices, however after loading up some recent holiday photos , the Application would freeze and/or crash and then suggest that the library needed repairing. Did this multitude of times but each time restarted was only able to browse a few photos before application would freeze or crash. Now I cannot even repair library as each time I try to do this from Photos it reverts to the system library on my MacMini. This even when I try to open library with CMD Option key from the WD device. It just reverts to repairing the library on my Mac Mini (before it would repair the selected library)
Wondering whether there is an issue where either MyCloud or Plex alters the Photos library so that you can no longer open it from the application. Note I can see all the photos in the library from my mobile device use MyCloud mobile application. Have searched web but cannot find anything on this other than the two entries here. If someone knows what is going on or has a fix would be very grateful:
Mac Mini late 2014 2.6Ghz 256Gb SSD
OS 10.12.6

having the same problem did you get it sorted

Yes I did but the solution is not approved by the Apple community but I have now been running it for 9 months with no real issues (the occasional re-start but no more than you’d expect running the application on a Mac). I’ll post the link to the Apple support thread I created which gives you the solution and the discussion that follows it so that you can make up your own mind How do you get Photos to work with a NAS server

Would it be possible to access our Photos’ app library in any NAS using these steps:

  1. create a sparse disk image which is formatted as HFS Extended and mount it,
  2. copy the “Photos Library.photoslibrary” into the disk image,
  3. launch Photos app while holding Option key; navigate and choose the Photos’ app library,
  4. set it as “System Photo Library” through Photo’s app Preferences.
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Belated reply but yes it should work, I have just finally upgraded to OS11.4 and all seems to be working fine.

Oh, this is smart.