My Cloud Home and Mac OS Photos Library

Hello, I have checked old topics to see what can I do, but I haven’t found any useful information so far, so I decided to create a new thread.

I recently purchased a My Cloud Home 3TB, and I want to work there with my Music library and Photos library. I have done this for many years with regular USB hard drives and I know the process.

The music library is flawless, everything is ok there. 163GB and almost 17k files (many Apple Lossless files).

My Photos library has about 35k pictures for 140GB. I managed to copy the library file to WD My Cloud Home, but it’s impossible to make it work. I try to open the library with Photos app, and it takes more than 10 minutes just to show the first previews of the pictures, and after that, Photos app crash, endless multicolor wheel, etc.

I have made a test with a smaller Photos library file (1GB) and it works smoothly, so the problem seems to be related to the size of the library.

I’m running a MacBook Air Early 2015 and the My Cloud Home device is connected directly to my router.



You could refer to the following link:

Thank you for answering.

The Photos library is already copied into the WD My Cloud Home device.

The problem is that Photos can’t open it.

Sometimes it doesn’t open at all (it crash before opening)
Other times, Photos open the library, but then freezes and does nothing.

I have tested the same Photos Library from a USB Hard Disk and it works ok.

I have tried restarting the MacBook, open Photos as the only program, and then didn’t work either. There is no Time Machine active at the moment, no other software open, my Wi-Fi is 5GHz, only action in the laptop is opening the Photos library.

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I have gone step by step checking everything:

  1. Ensure movie or video content is not streaming
    Nothing is being streamed, only user in the network
  2. Ensure that Social Media and Cloud Import services are not downloading content
    Nothing is being imported.
  3. Ensure USB Backups are not occurring
    Nothing is connected via USB
  4. Ensure TimeMachine, Windows File or 3rd party software is not performing backups
    Time Machine is not running
  5. Ensure Desktop Sync is not transfering content
    Nothing is being uploaded
  6. Ensure the computer hosting the desktop app is connected to 5 GHz WiFi or hard wired to the same router as the My Cloud Home using an Ethernet cable
    Connection is via wifi 5 GHz, Mode 802.111ac
  7. Ensure the My Cloud Home is not indexing and generating thumbnails for recently added conent
    There is no manual to disable this function here:
  8. Ensure the computer and router are Gigabit 10/100/1000 and not Fast Ethernet 10/100
    Router model is Mitrastar HGU GPT-2541GNAC, in the manual it says it is 10/100/1000. The router has a direct optic fiber connection
  • Computer does not have a Gigabit Ethernet adapter
    MacBook Air has no Ethernet ports, it’s connected via Wi-Fi 5GHz

  • A network hub is being used instead of a switch
    Architecture us:
    Optic fiber – Router – My Cloud Home (Ethernet cable) – Macbook Air (Wifi)

  • Data protection software, Anti-Virus, Malware Protect affecting data transfer speeds

Have no software like this in the laptop

  • Data Structures (thousands of small files)
    Well, we are talking about a photos library, it’s 140GB for about 35k files.

  • System Memory

MacBook Air has 8GB RAM and 50GB free disk space (SSD)

  • Computer in use during data transfer

Nothing is in use

  • ISP Upload and Download Speeds
    SpeedTest Results are:
    89.13Mbps download
    92.60Mbps upload

  • Outdated Firmware
    Confirmed using the latest firmware for WD My Cloud Home

As a note, I repeat, my music library is working OK in the My Cloud Home device, 146GB for about 17k files. The only problem is with the Photos Library.

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I’ve managed to skin my Photos library to 70GB (deleted videos and some pictures).

Invested another entire copying the new library to WD My Cloud Home, and the results are the same.

My conclusion is that WD My Cloud Home is a useless device that with a 3TB of capacity is unable to handle a regular pictures library.

It also seems that WD customer service isn’t checking anything as the only answer I have received was to check some standard website. I also created an incident via WD Support website but got no answer so far.

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I will just keep updating this topic until someone from WD answers something.