Itunes / iPhoto Libraries

Evening all,

I’ve just purchased a new WD MyCloud External Hard Drive with the intention of moving both my iTunes and iPhoto librares on to it.

I brought this drive after reading a few reviews and seeing the it was a key feature and that it has an itunes option.

So basically I looking for some help doing this and basically to know if anyone else has infact done this.

I have an iMac running Mavericks, an iPhone and iPad and basically still want to do the normal things like, syncing, backup and streaming content.

What is it I have to do? I’ve created a fresh backup for my entire mac today so my data ‘should’ be safe.

I’ve just tested a library move with Aperture - copied library file to ‘Shared Pictures’ directory on MyCloud and opened Aperture using the option key to redirect the library. This worked fine…is it the same process for itunes and iphoto?

Both my itunes and iphoto have a lot of content!

Thanks LiamSh

Hello liamsh, You can transfer photos and video using the iPad apps wd offers for use with the my cloud device. I have used it and it works, but I don’t like that you have to select each photo individually. They don’t allow you to select all or an entire event with one click, you have to select each photo or video separately. Also there is no auto sync feature for the mobile apple devises that I know of.

Thanks - I’ve downloaded both apps (MyCloud & WDPhotos). They seem ok if a little dated.

Updating ‘bits and bobs’ with these apps is not problem - I’ll rarely use them to be honest.

I really just need to know how to move both my iPhoto and iTunes libraries over to MyCloud. Whether I can still sync/backup my iDevices with my libraries using my mac (wireless sync when Mac is on and iTunes/iPhoto is open). If I can still use iTunes Store whilst the library is infact offsite. And whether my backup HD will backup MyCloud.


I moved my entire iTunes library to the NAS. I don’t use the built in iTunes server, because it can only serve music.

To move the iTunes library to the NAS:

  • it is simpler (if you have multiple devices) to keep the standard organization of the iTunes library. In that standard model, there is an iTunes Media folder inside the ITunes folder. The iTunes folder also contains the Album Artwork folder, the iTunes Library Extras.itdb, iTunes Library Genis.itdb, the iTunes Library.xml, a sentinel file, and, most important, the iTunes Library.itl file,

  • Create an iTunes share on your NAS. You can choose another name for the share if you want,

  • Make the iTunes share public,

  • Copy the content of the iTunes folder of your PC to that share

  • In Windows, hold the shift key, and launch iTunes. This will force iTunes to ask you which library you want to use.

  • Point iTunes to the library.itl file on the share you created.

  • That’s it. You can now use iTunes on your PC to share your library with other devices, or you can point other PC/Macs iTunes to the same share.

  • Note that this method works OK if you don’t modify the iTunes library at the same time from different computers.

Alternatively, you can create an offline folder based on mapped drive of that share on a PC and point iTunes to that mapped drive library. That will allow you to keep offline copies of the files you use most.

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I’m doing same way like u but still have itunes server activated mainly to access from ipad/iphone. How do u see the performance if keep the entire library to the NAS?