Will My Passport Pro copy files to an external HDD?


If I am travelling and wish for TWO copies of media, is it possible to move data from an SD card (+ format SD card in camera) AND have the “My Passport Pro” also copy that media to an external hard drive - say a “My Passport Ultra”?

I would only have an iPhone or iPad NOT a PC or laptop.


YES you can copy and move files using the My Cloud mobile app for iOS.
When the SD card or USB device is attached, it will appear in the mobile app as a mounted filesystem.

Hi SBrown

I have another question…

My Sony AX100 video camera starts with a file name of C0001.mp4 and increments by 1.

If I transfer the files and delete the originals (or format the SD card), the camera will start naming files again at C0001.

If I use the WD Wireless Passport Pro to move the files from the SD card (or copy and format the card in camera), will the Passport Pro save two or more files having the same file name (even though they have differing creation dates)

Many thanks


The import process compares some file attributes between existing and coming in file, including file name, size, modified time and checksum of the file. If 1 attribute or more than 1 of the them is different, we treat them as different files when the backup occurs.

Hi Steve

OK, I have just taken delivery of a “My Passport Wireless Pro” 3T and a “My Passport Ultra”3T.

I can copy files from an SD card to the Wireless Pro. How do I copy these same files also to the Ultra?

I only have an iPad, not a laptop. Do I plug the Ultra into the USB2 of the Wireless Pro. I guess that the process has to be controlled by the iPad, but how.

Your (usual) quick reply would be appreciated as I will be travelling and need to use it whilst abroad.