Copying SD cards on the go

Looking at the My Passport Wireless Pro. I feel as if I’m missing something - in the videos I’ve seen, it appears that files can be copied or moved from an SD Card to the My Passport Pro witnout using a Mac or PC. Is that actually possible? Is there an iOS or Android app that will facilitate that? I’m trying to avoid carrying a laptop on an upcoming trip and thought this might work, but after going through the instructions I think I’ve misunderstood how it works.


Hi @Dark_Scan - My Passport Wireless Pro can copy SD cards all on its own - no laptop or computer needed! You can even copy cards without an app! Here’s how it works:

1.) Turn on the drive, connect to its Wi-Fi, and complete the one-time setup with the My Cloud app from your phone. Setup instructions can be found @

2.) Once you’re all set up, all you need to do is power on My Passport Wireless Pro, plug in an SD card, press the one-touch import button on the top of the device, and the entire card will be copied.

(You do not need to be connected via your phone to initiate the SD card copy.)

3.) You’re done! The blue LEDs in the upper left will fill up to 100% to let you know the progress of the card copy.

To see your photos and videos, connect wirelessly to My Passport Wireless Pro via your phone, tablet, or computer, or you can plug My Passport Wireless Pro into your computer via USB 3.0 to see everything in Finder/Explorer.

And, if you shoot on the same card on multiple days, My Passport Wireless Pro will identify which shots have already been imported and only copy over the new ones, and into a new folder. It’ll also keep your various SD card imports organized (which is really helpful for me when I’m on a trip with both my camera and drone).

Let me know if this helps clarifies how to use My Passport Wireless Pro - I hope this is the solution you were looking for!

If for any reason a user removes the SD card before it’s finished backing it up to WDWP, will it be able to resume copying the files from where it had reached (not necessarily resuming a partially copied file but resuming from the last completed file) the next time that the same SD card is connected even if new files have been added?

In general, I recommend to never eject an SD card “unsafely” (from any device). It’s one of those things that always makes my heart drop a beat.

For My Passport Wireless Pro, it’s better to use the My Cloud mobile app to “eject” the card, and then remove it once it disappears from the list of available directories. Or, the My Passport Wireless Pro can also be powered off and then the card can be removed. (This second option is great when you want to do an offload via just the one-touch button, and without a phone/tablet)

In the event of any in-process removal, the My Passport Wireless Pro will resume where it left off. Each time an SD card is plugged in, My Passport Wireless Pro does a “check and compare” so that no duplicate files are created.

But, it’s always better to let an SD card be fully copied over and then to (safely) remove it from the My Passport Wireless Pro. :+1:

I just picked up a new MPWP today and one thing I am seeing is that it isn’t really easy to identify that the copying of data from the SD card to the internal storage is complete. I notice when it is copying that the HDD light flashes and it appears that the battery lights flash in a fashion that seems to indicate the progress of the copy. I assumed that the copy was complete when all five battery lights were lit and the HDD light was solid. I connected to the drive and went in through the My Cloud app and noticed that there was still a “Stop” button beside the SD card in the app and within a couple seconds an eject button appeared. So I am not sure if the only true safe way to eject the card is to connect with the app and eject? Perhaps also powering down the MPWP once all battery and HDD lights are all solid?

You can now backup your SD chips, CF cards, and MicroSD cards to an external Solid State Drive (SSD) using only your iPhone. With the new iOS 13 being released today, you can back up every card in the field without a laptop, PC, Mac, or whatever. I show how to do it all in this single video, connecting every chip at once through my phone.