Copy files from My Passport Wireless Pro to my passport ultra


I know that it is possible to copy from an SD card or usb card reader to the Wireless Pro.

How do I copy the same files also to the My Passport Ultra portable disc ?

I did not find the option to copy files from My passport Wireless pro to external disc connected to the USB

I don’t carry my laptop with me, only my iPhone.

Israel Yulzary

My Passport Wireless allows to import files from SD card or USB devices but require to use computer if you want to export or transfer files of My Passport Wireless pro to an external USB device.

However, you can use My Cloud Mobile app on your iPhone to access or open files of My Passport Wireless Pro.

I have a MPWP with a 500GB SSD a-nd a 3TB MPW and transfer files back and forth via a wired connection all time. No need for a laptop, I use the app on my iPhone to verify etc.

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This contradicts what asp73 says. Just to confirm it’s possible to 2 way copy to an external drive plugged into the USB 2.0 port ? I want be able to access the files and copy to an external SSD drive or Thumbdrive.


I’m using two MPWP’s, one has a hard drive the other an SSD. I connect the 500GB MPW via USB cable to the 3TB MPWP. I’ve done this many times. Both devices are using the latest firmware.

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