Copy To SD

Seems to be no way to write to an SD card… nor even read it while it’s in the Passport slot. Seems to be deliberately limited to copy to Passport only.

That’s too bad. 

Suppose I have a file on the Passport. I want to give (or sell) a copy of that file to a client/customer. The easiest way to do that would be to simply copy it from the Passport to an SD chip and give it to the customer… no computer required on their part at the time of the sale.

Apparently, no-can-do.

I can copy files from the My Passport Wireless to the inserted SD Card easily using my Android Smartphone or Tablet using ES File Explorer Manager.

Not with the My Cloud app.

Possibly with the iOS File Browser app, or similar.

Almost definitely with Windows Explorer, although I haven’t tried it.

Beaten to the punch by moments! :dizzy_face:

RoderickGI wrote:

Beaten to the punch by moments! :dizzy_face: