Copy or Cut files from SD card, wireless


Hello all,

I have a question regarding copying and or cutting from my SD card. I was looking on my phone for the option to cut from my SD card, but I only can copy. That means that I have to delete the pics from my SD card through my GoPro. So talking pictures/movies, put it in the mypassport pro, copying, and then back into my Gopro to delete the files. To me it sounds very time consuming.

Wouldn’t it be better to have the option to cut or to copy files? Is there a way to cut the files from my SD card directly on my device?

Thanks for your answer and support.




Hi Millew,

You can connect SD card directly with My Passport Wireless and Move or Copy files from the dashboard to easily store files in device. You can refer page #36 from below provided link of user manual of My Passport Wireless.


Hello Brandon,

Thanks for the reply. The reason I started this topic is that I don’t have the mentioned option on my app. The only option I have is to add new content or copy all content.

Maybe it has something yo do with the app version, I don’t know.




Hi Millew,

You can access dashboard of My Passport Wireless on computer, it is not available in the mobile app. You can follow below KBA to get assistance to access dashboard of My Passport Wireless drive:


I don’t recall the options on the dashboard on my computer. It’s the same as on my app. I am on holiday now, so I cannot check it.

Now I am facing an other problem, since yesterday the device doesn’t recognize the SD card anymore, so I can’t get the files of. The device did retrieve my files until 2 days ago. Same adapter, same micro SD card.

Unfortunately facing more discomforts from this device.