New to WD - exporting videos?

I am new to this external hard drive and I have gotten so frustrated with it.

Is it not possible to export video files from the WD passport to my camera roll on my IPad Pro?
Is there by change a thread or even a video somewhere on YouTube that would show how to do this? I’ve searched and couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Thank you in advance

Do you have the wireless HD?
You cannot copy camera roll from the wireless drive, but you can download them from the wireless drive to a phone or other mobile device. GO TO THE WD LEARNING CENTER FOR YOUR DRIVE AND THERE SHOULD BE VIDEOS TO HELP.

Thanks for your response, I’m not totally sure if I have the wireless HD but I did watch the videos saved on the device for getting started but non of it seems to cover what I’m looking to do. I tried to download the videos so that I could then airdrop them to my laptop but it doesn’t seem to want to download the files.
It just seems ridiculous to me that a hard drive wouldn’t have an export function. I even looked at the manual and there are instructions for getting files onto the drive…but not off.

First of all you need to figure out what drive you have and then do some homework. How can you look at the manual if you don’t know what you have!

…you mean how could I read the manual that is downloaded on the device? :thinking:

If you can read the manual that is on the device, so now you KNOW what model drive you have. So, let us know what you have. A Passport or a WIRELESS Passport!