Why the iphone photo live in .mov format does not backup


I just bought my cloud mirror Gen 2. I started the automatic backup for photo and video on many iPhone and iPad device to free space on my devices. Before deleting the photos and video on my iPhone I connected my iPhone to my pc to make sure everything backup.

I then realize that all the small .mov that are created when you take live photo didn’t backup. On my iphone I have a total of 100 .mov file created by those live photo + 10 real .mov video that I took. Oly the 10 .mov video were backup.

Is this normal? Can we force the backup of those .mov created by live photo?


Te live photos come up under camera roll or in a different place?


I think the answer is yes.

On your iPhone to play a photo that’s a live photo you need to select and hold it to make the small video clip to play.

When you connect your iPhone directly to the pc the picture and the live photo is on the same folder with the same name with different extension. For ex IMG-123.jpg and IMG-123.mov

Thx for your help