iPhone Live Photos backup and folder sync. How do they work?


I am interested in buying this product and I have 2 questions for the users that is very important for my decision:

1 - Are the backups of iPhone Live Photos just .jpg files or they also backup the .mov animation? I have a My Cloud 2 Gen 8 TB and the auto backup doesn’t backup the .mov, just the .jpg, making it a little bit useless. Every time I take a take a live photo, I have to manually export (image capture or photos desktop export) and copy to the NAS to get the mov part together.

2 - Do the feature of syncing folders support special characters like á ã é ç? I have a big documents folder synced with my My Cloud Mirror 2 Gen, but every file or folder that has special characters doesn’t sync. I have to manually rename them one by one to eliminate the special character, otherwise the file or all the files inside the folder won’t sync. ( I am from Brazil, Portuguese has a lot of special characters)

Thank you

It does not look like live photos are currently supported for auto backup.

There are a couple of thing regarding live photo that is not included in the KBA

• The jpg is backed up
• The mov is not
• Plex cannot display a live photo .jpg
• My Cloud Home App and Browser can display the .jpg

Thanks Lance, so that makes the auto backup identical to the classic My cloud mobile app regarding features. Is there any plan to make the auto backup fully compatible with Live Photos?

What about sync files/folder with special characters?

We are always looking at ways to improve the app however I cannot comment at this time if or when full support for live photos would be added. This may be a good feature request for the My Cloud Home > Ideas board.

We have no known issues with double byte (special) characters at this time.

Thank You for your answers.

I have just one more question (sorry for bothering you so much) I am reading the FAQs and I am in the doble NAT situation described bellow.

The internet provider modem is connected to a Asus Ac 87U router. Then all devices are connected directly into the Asus router (TV and MCM wired). My knowledge is limited but I managed to get port forward in all services in my actual My Cloud Mirror (cloud access and Plex). Is it possible to set port forward in the Home device too? Or only proxy really mode in my case?

Thank You


Network Connection (Port Forward)
A My Cloud Home in Port Forward mode will result in a better media streaming experience than a My Cloud Home in Proxy Relay Mode.
The My Cloud Home should be directly connected to a UPnP supported Gigabit Ethernet gateway router. A My Cloud Home connected to a WiFi Router, that is connected to an ISP provided cable modem router is be in a “Double NAT” configuration. A My Cloud Home in a Double NAT environment will default to Proxy Relay mode.

There is not a setting on the My Cloud Home to configure port forwarding. You may be able to do it at your router level. Here are some knowledge base articles that may help.

Thanks for your answers!

I know how to port forward at my router and ISP modem, I guess there won’t be any major problems.