Why so Slooow

Hi All,

Like a lot of people here I have been very disappointed at the hard wired transfer speeds of the my cloud’s, in my case bouncing from 50Kbps to 70Mbps with the odd bounce to around 130Mbps. Averaging around 50Mbps.

I have a 4tb v04.05…. And a 6tb v2.31…… that I have had for a few years. The slow speed on the transfers had relegated these devices to backup storage with the odd file share made when needed.

I have read and tried the fixes and work arounds to no real avail, and just accepted that this is the way these Nas servers work and this is the speeds that you can only get and are basically only good for backup.

Alas, I got a Synology DS918+ a few weeks ago and have till now been testing various configurations and I’m getting transfers on average of 950Mbps from the same computer hard drives to the same switch connecting the Synology that the WD My Clouds has.

Now over a 1gig network system using the same hardware to the same switch having a difference of 50Mbps and 950Mbps using the same files there is something seriously wrong.

Basically, why is the My Clouds so slow?


Hi PaulQM,

You can refer to the link mentioned below to resolve your issue.