White Breathing after Reset - Don't trust the internet

Hi everyone!

I moved house the other day, powered my WD My Cloud Home down and thought all would be fine. Doh!!!

Set the same router etc up at the new house and it showed up in WD Discovery but not in finder (Had a blue light at that time)

The interweb told me to reset ‘40seconds’ and this will help…it did not

…in-fact it now has a white breathing light and I cannot connect to it at all, with WD Discovery saying its offline.

My Virgin router is the same, and says it is connected with its own IP address so I feel I shouldn’t be having this problem.

Has the hive mind got any bright ideas?

Unfortunately their manual is very superficial when explaining the LED codes. If you connect your laptop to the same port, is it able to connect to the internet?

Yes the guides are a little interesting!

I can plug the laptop into any of the ports on the router and all connect to the internet fine

just to note, the 40 Second reset does different things depending on which interweb page you read. For the Single bay My Cloud and the My Cloud Home it does different things.

40 Second reset on the My Cloud Home does this… This function will demote the Device Owner to a Device User in order to change ownership of the My Cloud Home device.

User Manual Page 6

Maybe have a read of the thread link below to see if anything helps (be careful doing the 60 Second Rest if you don’t have a backup of your data.)