Which one should I buy?

I need to add a NAS to my computer, and I wonder which one I should buy?  The differences and/or advantages/disvantages are not clear to me by reading the descriptions on Western Digital.  I am looking at the WD My Cloud Ex2 4TB versus the WD My Cloud Mirror 4TB verus a WD My Cloud 4TB.  Besides considering pricing, they look to be the same.  Any tips for an average Joe who does not understand the technical lingo?

This might help ->  http://www.wdc.com/wdproducts/library/Flyer/ENG/4178-705183.pdf

Do note that Mirror is slightly cheaper than comparable capacity EX2 but as far as I know, the hardware is identical (processor and memory). But Mirror also doesn’t come in a diskless model but the EX2 does (allowing you to start your NAS cheap by buying and instaling just one drive and running it in JBOD…buy a 4TB, or even 5 or 6TB now and buy a second one later). And from the chart I can tell the Mirror lacks iSCSI, IPv6 and Active Directory support. Otherwise, they are pretty much the same beast.

Based on your post history, looks like you already own a My Cloud so you don’t need info on that ( http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud/Remote-access-certificate-expired-security-warnings/m-p/734250#M14572 )


I’m also considering of buying either the “My Cloud” or the “My Cloud Mirror” product. I saw in the comparison table that except the dual slot and RAID options, the additional differences are about “File Server”, “FTP Server”, “Backup Server” and “P2P download” features. the problem is I cannot find any explanation what these features are about.

  1. Can you elaborate about them one by one please?

  2. These features sounds to me very basic. Which of these doesn’t really exist in the simple “My Cloud” product?