My Cloud Mirror External Drive vs Personnal Cloud

I’m Looking to buy the My Cloud Mirror, but confused on what to buy. i’m looking on best buy website and it shows two different products for a My Cloud Mirror 4TB.

It shows a My Cloud- Mirror 4TB External Hard Drive (NAS) White WDBZVM0040JWT-NESN at $239.99

and a My Cloud Mirror 4TB Personal Cloud Storage - White WDBWVZ0040JWT-NESN $309.99.

obviously i wanting to pay the lesser price, but i also want what i’ve been researching which is the My Cloud Mirror that is discusse on the WD website. so can someone tell me whats the difference between the two?

One is the first Gen and the one that cost more is the second Gen. They are almost the same except one is single core cpu vs dual core I think.

The Gen2 has a better CPU and more memory.

If you’re just using it as a straight file storage device then either should work, but if you want to use apps on it like Plex or Transmission then I’d go for the Gen2.

Did I read wrong I thought I seen they both have 512 MB ram? Only difference shown is the cpu.

I think I read somewhere that the Gen 2 has faster RAM, but you’re right that it’s 512MB in both devices. I just double-checked on my Gen 1 and it too has 512MB.