My Cloud Mirror Gen 2 or My Cloud EX2?

Looking to buy my first NAS drive and I’m very stuck between the 2. I’m looking at 8Tb. I have a Windows 8.1 laptop, soon to be upgraded to Windows Ten probably.

I’m looking for something to back up all my files and programs from my laptop as it’s primary function. However, I’d then like to be able to access photos, videos and music etc on multiple platforms - laptop, iPhones, iPads, TV(?) etc.

I know the EX2 has Red disks, does the Mirror Gen 2?

I know the disks on the EX2 can be replaced easily, is it a draw back to the Mirror Gen 2 that you can’t?

Both £380 in the WD Store although the Mirror Gen 2 is out of stock.

Which one is the way forward?


Both use Red disks (except when WD run out of stock of them at which time they may substitute others - it’s rare but has happened in the past) and you can swap disks out in the MCM as well.

The two devices are almost identical in practice, although I think the MCM Gen 2 has a slightly faster processor than the EX2.

Unless you need the extra features of the EX2 I would got with the Gen 2 here is a review that compares them. I think he is comparing the Gen 1 but the only difference is a faster cpu in Gen 2.