Where is apt-get

I am either missing apt-get or can’t find it, but seeing as there is no sources list, /etc/apt/sources.list, I am guessing it is not installed. I have searched and been through the forums subject by subject but can’t find any instructions on getting apt-get running, am I missing something here? Can someone point me in the right direction or explain why my ex4 does not have apt-get, dpkg is there but I’m lazy and would rather not have to go through the hassle of having to download the correct package whenever I want to install something.


You do realize that EX4 is running BusyBox OS, right?

explains a lot, I should have done a lot more reading before buying


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canajien wrote:

…explain why my ex4 does not have apt-get…

Because, just generally speaking, WD doesn’t expect users to be installing things on the box in that way.

On the NASes that DO have it, so many people have bricked their systems by using apt-get upgrade (etc.), because apt-get breaks the dependencies on WD’s own proprietary code which is not managed via apt.

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