Apt-get: command not found

The subject says it all.  I enabled SSH, used Putty to connect to my myCloud ex2.  I have both git and Transmission installed using the webGUI for the myCloud.  I also tried 

~ # aptitude
-sh: aptitude: not found
~ # sudo apt-get
sudo: apt-get: command not found

Both returned the same not found error

dpkg does works fine but no one covers the usage of dpkg in their tutorials, and why would then when apt-get is just so much more powerful and safer to use.  Also, It was one of the features of the myCloud that enticed me to get it over some other NAS options.

ehells wrote:

why would then when apt-get is just so much more powerful and safer to use.  

Well, in generall, because WD doesn’t intend for you to be installing packages yourself.

That doesn’t change the fact that its meant to be a feature, and one that is included in the regular my cloud single drive version.  It was even included on the My Book live.  

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It was included as part of the Debian distros. The Cloud EX2 and EX4 don’t use Debian.

Is it possible to get apt-get for BusyBox?  If so, where could a .deb package for dpkg containing aptitude be?

Or, is it possible to replace BusyBox with a Debian distro?

Busybox isn’t a distro. It’s a simplified utility package . You can probably find ARM versions of apt out there if you search…

I was also dissapointed and surprised that it didn’t come with debian (if I’d know it would have affected my purchase decision).

I spent the last two days trying to get GNU Screen installed and it’s been a PAIN and unsuccesful, this is really annoying since it’s just a simple thing and it doesn’t come preinstalled with Busybox. scp also doesn’t work, it says it can’t find ssh at /bin/ssh, you can copy it there, but it will be gone after a device reboot, the default shell is ash instead of bash, you can run bash but I haven’t been able to set it as the default yet either…