Where does Smartware keep its own log files?

I’m running SmartWare version 2.4.10 and some of my files, whose contents change daily, don’t get backed up by the daily schedule. I want to look at SmartWare log files to find out why a file didn’t not get backed up on the nightly schedule. Where can I find SmartWares log files?

For my nightly backups, I had to schedule a Task in Windows 8.1, which would start SmartWare before the scheduled nightly backup. So, SmartWare does not seem to start on its own to do the backup, although it does schedule a task to do the backup.

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The “Backup” tab of WD SmartWare displays files not copied under an exclamation warning symbol.

Thanks. I’ll look it up next time it fails. But, does SmartWare keep log files at all?

Also, any idea why I have to schedule a task in Windows to start SmartWare before it can do the nightly backup?

On my computer (Windows 7) I found log files for WD in Program Data