Where is the backup log or history in WD Smart Ware 2.1.0?

I set up a scheduled non-category backup and watched it complete. Today I went to look for a log or some other way to determine if backups have been running successfully over the last two weeks. I did not see any tab or dialog or link showing me how to determine if the back ups completed successfully. Yet I am sure that such a thing must exist. Sorry, I do not like nasty surprises and I do not want to have to put in dummy files and then confirm that they are present. If there is no such thing, this is really a major shortcoming. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Open up your SmartWare and look at the backup tab. Click, tap or activate the Clock icon and look to see when your last backup occurred and when the next is scheduled. It will show if one was missed. See example image below.

Does the Data For Backup files and size match the Data Backed Up files and size?

Reading the information provided by using the (i) icon, Help tab, and Online User Manuals, link provided at bottom of SmartWare Help tab, will provide more details for using SmartWare.


Hello cat0w,

This was really helpful. Thank you! I see the clock icon now that you pointed out, but completely missed it before. Duh! Very clever icon but for the icon-challenged user, a button with the word Log or History might be more useful! I am happy to report that the backups appear to be working properly. Whew!

I am not really sure I understand your question about a match for files and size between the Data For Backup and the Data Backed Up. On the right hand side of the Backup tab, I see a label “Data Backed Up” which is underlined and beneath that it shows the number of files and the size of the data. It also shows the files which could not be backed because and a log of those files and the reason for not backing them up, e.g. the file is open. To the left of this information, there is also a graphic showing a rectangle representing the whole drive and the part taken up by this latest backup. This shows only the size of the storage used. From this I see that 36.41 GB of “Data Backed UP” corresponding to a rounded number of 36.4 GB in the graphic representation. But the graphic does not show a number of files. I probably am looking at the wrong stuff anyway. Could you explain this second check on the success of the backup in a bit more detail?

Once again, sincere thanks,

I hope this image will help. Look at the content gauges under the WD My Cloud backup too. As the backup is done they should change color and show the size when completed.


Yes - I see what you mean now - Thank you!
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