Where did it go?

Im connected to a WD my cloud in another (private) house, so im connected through internet. It hasn’t been a problem, untill now. First, I couldn’t connect with the cloud. So the admin to the cloud reconnected me. And when I was connected again, my folder was empty!
I can’t even remember to delete the files, pictures, EVERYTHING in my folder. I have no reason to delete anything in my folder. If I deleted it, I should have recognized it! We have searched ALL OVER the disk. Haven’t found anything.
Where did it go?
Any ideas what could have happen?
Is there a recycle bin?

What do you mean by the admin reconnected you? How did you backup to your share? How many users are on the My Cloud?

When you were reconnected, do you have the same user name, share and password for your account?

From the dashboard, “Each user must have a MyCloud.com account.”

You and the Owner/Admin need to figure this out.