Where can i find the dashboard.exe version


Last 2 or 3 days i received some information telling me that there was an update available to download for WD Dashboard.

I did the update to the latest version I did a search on the wd website and i cannot find the new version anywhere!

Can someone help me please

Thanks in Advanced!

There were some issues with the latest build and it appears to have been pulled, if you check for app updates theres nothing available now


Thank you very much for your reply.

I can see that. I also can see on the release notes file that the next release should occur in the next 19 of January as you can read “Dashboard 3.8 Release Notes January 19, 2023 (” written on the pdf of release notes.

So, i see that i will have to wait for the next release!

Kindly regards!

Hi, is the new version available?

Hi, yes it’s available it’s and it’s rolled out on 19 of january.

I hope this helps!

Kindly Regards!