WD Dashboard not showing storage spaces striped array drives

Hi, I updated my Dashboard to the version and lost the ability to see my 2xSN850 in there. I have them set up as MSFT Storage space striped array and with earlier dashboard version could just see the individual drives in there, there was no data like read/write speed etc, but I could at least see if there were any firmware updates for the drives and update them. Now with i just see the “Storage Space” tab and nothing else really there. Is there any way to revert back to the previous version or will this be fixed with an update?

There is a regression issue with Storage Spaces, you should stick to Dashboard 3.3 version if you have Storage Spaces until Dashboard 3.5 comes out.

You can get a standalone installer for the previous 3.3 version by contacting technical support.

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Thank you for your answer I had the same problem too.

Unfortunately support is of no help.

Do you have any source where I could get the older version installer from?

To add to the support’s response - no, updating to didn’t help.

I encountered the same issue when I upgraded to Luckily I had a copy of the original 3.3 ver folder in my other program files(x86) folder.

It really is frustrating and this makes me always make a copy of dashboard in my documents folder as backup for older version.

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Hi phang2209, could you send me you 3.3 backed up version? unfortunately seems I can’t send PMs here. My e-mail address is: kik.kek@protonmail.com

Agreed - support is completely unhelpful. I’ve been back and forth with them 5 times and they still haven’t been able to supply me with version 3.3 despite their own documentation suggesting that we use version 3.3

Known Issues
• Dashboard and do not detect drives configured with the Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller
o A fix will be released in Dashboard 3.5, until then please use Dashboard 3.3 for Microsoft Storage Spaces support

It’s ridiculous that this has been an issue since November of 2021 and we’re in February 2022. How has WD not been able to fix this and release 3.5?

I opened a case with support and after 5 back and forth messages over the course of 2 weeks they finally gave me a box.com link where I could download version I don’t know why they don’t just put this prior version on their main website. It would make it a lot easier all around.

Would you be willing to share this link? I don’t really want to go through the support again.